Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vision and Mission

"New Hope" Organization is an NGO in Indonesia - Timor founded by Mrs. Femmy Dethan, the wife of Rev. Edwer Dethan in 2003. The vision of New Hope Ministry is to help the children of Indonesian who have lost their parents. Many Indonesian children lost their parents because of political unrest, sickness and or national disaster such as Tsunami or earthquakes.

Many of these children end up workng on the streets - some work as sellers, others work on the road (eg. cleaning roads) some others become 'prostitute' in the city of Kupang or sold to the big cities of Indonesia such as Surabaya or Jakarta with a promise of a big salary. Most often, in the end, they are forced to be prostitutes. In short, many of these children are forced or deceived by others to work and abandon schools.

It is the "New Hope"'s vision to bring 'New Hope' to those who are living in hopeless situations - by giving them shelter, education and health care. But most important is to teach and raise them in a 'New' environment Christian household. In this way they will experience the love of Christ and see the "NEW HOPE", the REAL HOPE that is provided by the Lord Jesus Christ for them, so that they may trust that they are in HIS HANDS.

It is our vision to bring these children up in God's direction. The children would be adopted as the children of "Yayasan Harapan Baru" (Timor New Hope Foundation) - under new hope provision. Presently "Timor New Hope Foundation" have adopted 22 children from West Timor island, Rote Island and the surroundings area.


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